Slovakia is known as the heart of Europe, and it is very well connected by air and by land with the rest of Europe. Slovakia is a country that stands out for having a dense nature full of magical forests and mountains. Its official currency is the euro and belongs to the European Union.
The best time of year for travelling to Slovakia is summer because the good weather makes you enjoy the beautiful natural parks. The capital Bratislava is the most tourist city in the country, and is famous for its significant castle, well-know as „upside table“. Although the national parks are the main tourist attraction for lovers of hiking and exploring nature. And that’s the reason why are The Tatra Mountains undoubtedly a mandatory stop while you visit Slovakia because you can enjoy a beautiful landscape in the fresh air. Although, the winter season is ideal if what you want to ski and enjoy the ski slopes in the Tatras. The Tatra Mountains are a great spot for every season.

If you decide to travel by car, renting a car is not that expensive, the average cost is € 25 per day. According to that Slovakia is a smaller country, you can reach all destinations without any problem, and go from west to east in less than a day. If you want to use public transport, Slovakia has a broad railway infrastructure that allows you to travel by train in all directions, and even the prices are low. The taxi service in small cities also stands out, where it is usually very cheap because they have a fixed fee for the city.
Accommodation in Slovakia, in value for money, is fine there are many different options depending on the preferences of travellers.

Slovakia is a safe and quiet country, good for travelling here. Its gastronomy is widely varied, of extensive quality and inexpensive. Slovakia has more than 600 castles and chateus, and that is why it has the highest number of historical fortresses per capita in the world. Therefore, if you are passionate about castles, you will love Slovakia. The entrance to historical monuments have bonuses for students.
Don’t hesitate, and come to visit Slovakia! It is a country that will make you fall in love.
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Traveling in Slovakia

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