Are you interested to open your transport company in Slovakia? What are the requirements for transport company in Slovakia? Is it so simple to open? There is a difference in providing transport activity with truck up to 3,5 t per vehicle or above 3.5 t .

Vehicles up to 3,5 t

If you want to provide transport activity by vehicles up to 3,5 t , this activity is a free trade license. You do not need to apply for transport license. ( This could include simple transport of person, or goods, but not taxi service.)

Vehicles above 3,5 t

Regarding the transport license with vehicles above 3,5 t it is more complicated. Your vehicle must have a Slovak registration plate, related insurance contract for providing national truck transport or international transport. Then, you will need a responsible person for  this national / international transport activity. This person shall be an internal employee of the company and shall have a certificate for national/ international transport. In case he is a foreigner, he shall have the Slovak residence.

You shall be ready to prove the rent contract where you will park your trucks and trailors.

Is it better to open a new one or purchase a ready made company? Both of the the possibilities have their advantages. Feel free to send us your questions.

Transport company in Slovakia

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