Law c. 506/2009 Coll. on trademarks, as amended, sets the conditions for the so-called the registrability of the trade mark.

A trade mark may be a word, figurative, three-dimensional, positional sign, design sign, sign consisting of a single color or combination of colors without outlines, sound sign, movement, multimedia, holographic or other sign which suits me to distinguish the goods or services of one person from goods or services of another person. At the same time, the law specifies in detail the exclusions of a sign from the registration and a sign that cannot be a trademark. These are, for example, non-distinctive indications, indications referring to names, designations of types of products or services, generic indications, geographical indications, misleading indications, indications containing the older name of a registered plant variety.

The register against which the justified persons of the authorized person were given shall also not be entered in the register.

An application for registration of a trademark may be made by a legal or natural person.

The trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of filing the trademark application. At the request of the trademark owner or back-up verifier, the office of validity of the renewal trademark registration, after paying the administrative fee, for another 10 years.


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