Tourism globally contributes a large percentage of income to the state of the different countries of the world. In recent decades, tourism has gradually increased, thanks to the improvement of air transport, which in recent years the low-cost companies offer a more economical service that allows than the majority of the population can to travel.

Tourism provides numerous jobs in direct and indirect form. Travel agencies are responsible for finding and offering a service that meets the needs of the consumer during the period of the trip.

Thanks to tourism, which is a driver of the economy, companies of the tourism sector such as the hotel industry and hotels have increased their capacity and thereby improved the service that they offer to tourists. Tourism is very diverse, that is, it offers countless activities to travelers, whether they choose rural or urban tourism.

Globalization and new technologies, in recent years, have changed the way of, how the tourists travel. There are numerous search engines for flights and hotels that allow you to compare prices to optimize travel expenses.

France, Spain, Italy and Germany are the European countries with the highest influx of tourists and, therefore, they are the ones that depend most on the tourist´s income of foreign visitors. In Slovakia, there is more national than international tourism, and referring to the current global pandemic situation, Slovakia has not suffered as much economically as the countries mentioned above.

Tourism in Slovakia, before the pandemic, little by little was growing internationally thanks to the improvement of the country’s infrastructure, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful green landscapes, the country’s capital and the Tatras Mountains. The Covid-19, the pandemic, has slowed down this international tourism due to the closure of borders at the European level. Everyone wants that tourism will to return to normality in the coming months.

As Hans Christian Andersen once said: “To travel is to live”.

To travel is to live

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