Here we bring you some history of Slovakia, of  a beautiful and mysterious Bathory, the bloody Countess, who purportedly tortured and murdered hundreds of young women in the 16th and 17th century. This woman was a strong descendant of a Hungarian family owning large estates across Europe. Her family controlled Transylvania, and her uncle, Stephen Bathory, was a king of Poland. From 1585 to1589, Bathory bore four children with her husband Cound Ferencz Nádasdy. After Nadasdy´s death, rumours of Bathory´s cruelty began to surface. Previous accounts of the murder of peasant woman had apparently been ignored. Public attention was drawn to her after the murders of several women from noble families. Count Palatine of Hungary, her cousine, was ordered to investigate. Count palatine determined that Báthory had tortured and killed more than 600 girls with the assistance of her servants. On December 1611, Bathory and her servants were arrested. And what happened with the Countess? No one knows. One group says that she haunts the travelers in the ruins of this castle. Another group believes she died in old age behind the walls of her dwelling.



Castle Čachtice – the seat of Bathory


If you decide to look for the truth or just make a wonderful trip, go to the ruins of the magnificent and majestic castle. Čachtice Castle is a well-accessible attraction. You can get to Čachtice without problems by public transport, such as the motorway or the railway. They have also improved the access for families with smaller children or less mobile visitors. Near the castle there is paid parking in the direction of Cachtice. Unfortunately, the bus will not get you here. Parking at this place is advantageous in saving a long distance climb on the asphalt of the village. If you’d rather go, you can park down in the village. The car park is also available at the local pizzeria, in places where the green mark starts towards the castle.



Čachtice Castle welcomes you with a high gate made up of many vaults.   If get the courage to go by the gate, a little further will take you up the hill toward the next gate. Behind it is a cash desk. The castle was sophisticated and the reconstruction is still going on almost without the help of investors. The most interesting parts of Čachtice Castle are gradually opening up as you rise up the sidewalk. The conserved castle operates safely. You do not have to worry about falling loose stones from the castle wall. From the top parts, there are many open views of the landscape under the castle. From these places, you will surely take nice photos of Čachtice Castle, but you can also enjoy it in the shades of centuries old trees.



If the legend of the bloody Count does not take you, and you prefer to have good wine and traditional cuisine, we have pleasant news for you. The forests and fields of this region are home to one of the most famous and best wines of Europe. They are awarded annually at international competitions. After a long and busy day at the spa, or on the mountains or on the hiking trails, you can relax in the small vineyards of local winegrowers who will welcome you with open hands. Enjoy this region! Region of our bloody Baroness!

The mysterious valley of the longest river in Slovakia

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