Picturesque corner in the north of the Tatra National Park

The village of Tatranská Javorina was created in the forests. The mostly spread tree in those forests was maple in the past. It can be assumed that the name of the village was not actually the first of its kind in the area of ​​Javorová and Bielovodská dolina ( valley), where perhaps some of the areas and forests got thanks to shepherds already earlier “maple” names. Tatranská Javorina is the picturesque corner in the north of the Tatra National Park.

The Hohenlohe hunting lodge

The Hohenlohe hunting lodge in Tatranská Javorina is a national cultural monument owned by the state, administered by the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic. Presidents of the Slovak Republic have been using it for representative purposes since 2004.

The wooden manor was built in 1883-85 by the owner of the Javorina estate, Prussian prince Christian Kraft Hohenlohe.

The Prussian magnate employed dozens of people in Tatranská Javorina, and built a Catholic wooden church. He built a hydroelectric power plant, set up a bakery, and his property included mines and other types of business. At first, it forbade the entry of tourists into its territory, but later set out three tourist routes and set visiting dates.

The chateau has been a national cultural monument since 2009. The entrance to the chateau is free of charge.

Tatranská Javorina

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