If you are thinking about studying in Slovakia – and you want to get study visa in Slovakia, then we want to inform you that now ( now we mean November, December) it is the right time to prepare all documentation for your studies in Slovakia. The whole administrative process ( preparing the documents and translations) can last 30 days, and the state body makes decision  about your request in 30 days from the date of deposit of your documents. It is important to know that all the courses start or in September or in February. The minimum period of accredited language course lasts 6 months.

What is your dream job ? In case you want to make your dream come true in Slovakia at Slovak university, we can help you to manage all the paperwork and get your study visa in Slovakia.

In Slovakia there are few study programs for university students in English. Study programs such as medicine, technical studies, management it is possible to study in English. If you are serious about studying in Slovakia, first we can help you to manage your course of Slovak language that would be useful to get the basics of Slovak language before getting started at university. These courses regularly start in September and February, and the courses last minimum 6 months. If you don´t choose Slovak language for studying, you can choose the preparation programs for medicine or technical studies and apply for study visa in Slovakia.

If you decide to officially start  the course in February 2016, then in order to get your study visa in Slovakia means to start the procedure now and you shall start now with preparation of all the documents. All the documents shall be officially translated into Slovak language and deposited at the Embassy of Slovak republic in the country where you  reside. Don´t forget to get your Criminal record and financial guarantee on the estratit of bank account. For further information pls do contact us.

If you decide for ourservices, we shall control all the attachments before depositing at the Embassy in order to make sure everything is correct to get your study permit in Slovakia.


Study visa in Slovakia

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