Basic identification data of the entrepreneur is  a business name,  a registered office (place of business) and the identification number assigned by the office after fulfilling the conditions. Business name of the natural person is his/ her name and surname. Business name of legal entities is the name under which the registration of a company is realized. The name of the entrepreneur (business name) has to be unique and  original. It is not right to use the business name that is  already registered at Commercial Register.  Business name may not give rise to false impressions about the entrepreneur. Legal seat of the legal entity is registered in the Commercial Register and place of business of  natural person is registered at  Trade License Register.

business name in Slovakia

Your success in business is  affected by the chosen business activities, business plan as well as by choosing the right business partners.

In Slovakia it is possible to operate any of the three types of trade licenses – free, craft or regulated trade licenses. Trade licenses are distinguished by different terms of competence that must be met in order to qualify for their operation.

General conditions to make business under trade licese as a natural person are:

– min. 18 years of age,

– Legal capacity,

– Estrait of Criminal record.

Free trade license

Businessman wishing to operate via free trade license must meet only the general conditions  to make business (18 years of age, legal competence and integrity), while fulfilling the conditions of professional competence required for free trade. The Ministry of Interior has prepared a list of recommended free trade. ( as free trade is considered f.e. sale and acquisition of goods, intermediation services, administrative services).

Craft trade license

To operate under craft license is to meet professional competence proved by  a vocational certificate or other document. If the entrepreneur fails to meet the condition of professional competence or alternate way of Crafts may operate through an authorized representative. Authorized representative must meet the general and special conditions for operating a trade and he must be domiciled in the Slovak Republic. An authorized representative must be  in an employment relationship with the entrepreneur, this does not apply if it is the husband / wife of entrepreneur or entrepreneur´s  direct relative or sibling, or if it is a legal entity, its companion. ( activities such as cosmetic services, carpentry, beer production)

Bound trade license is such trade, where the conditions shell meet the condition of professional competence acquired otherwise.

A person in the Community, the provisions of the Trade Act relate to variations in the provisions of proficiency. Personal communion is each FO, who is a national of a Member State of the EU or a State party to the EEA Agreement and the Swiss Confederation. ( activities as translations, real estates services)

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