Slovak limited liability company ( Slovak llc is s.r.o.) is one of the capital form of the companies that was not developed naturally. This type of company must have its basic capital created by the shares of the shareholders and it is obligatory to create the reserve fund. Slovak limited liability company is responsible for its credits by all its property.

The minimum basic capital of Slovak llc required by law is 5.000 EUR and the minimum amount of share is 750 EUR per one shareholder.

The shareholder shall provide a guarantee for the unpaid amount at the basic capital. The limited liability company shall have at least one shareholder but not more than 50 shareholders.

There are some limitations regarding the Slovak limited liability company with a sole shareholder. Limited liability company with a sole shareholder cannot be a sole founder of another limited liability company. Limited liability cannot acquire a share of a company on the basis of which it would become a sole shareholder.

Slovak physical person can set up only three companies where he / she would be a sole shareholder. Slovak physical person can be a sole shareholder only in three companies.

Slovak limited liability company is set up by signature of the act of memorandum of the limited liability company. It is created on the date of its registration at Company registry.

The Slovak shareholder can not be registered on the list of debtors of Slovak tax authority nor on the list of Slovak Social insurance company. This shall help to prevent from company formation set up by debtors.

When you decide to form a limited liability company in Slovakia ( Slovak s.r.o.) make sure you decided about its business name, registered office, object of business and be ready to provide the Criminal record of the executive of the Slovak limited liability company.

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