The rights belonging to an enterprise comprise also its business secrets. Information regarding business secret is regulated by the Slovak Commercial Code. Business secrets shall consist of all the facts of trading, manufacturing and technological nature related to the enterprise, which have actual, or at least potential, tangible or intangible value, are normally not available in the respective industry and the entrepreneur wishes that the same are not disclosed, provided that the entrepreneur adequately provides for the confidentiality thereof. Business secret is understood as business information and is protected by the law and must be according to legal regulations and good manners.

Facts of trading can be understood as strategy applied in business, price creation, or agenda of the customers), then facts of manufacturing are understood as formulas, receipts, and facts of technological nature can be understood as updates of technology, etc.

The entrepreneur running an enterprise, to which the provisions on business secrets are applicable, shall have exclusive rights to dispose with the business secret, including but not limited to authorizing third parties to use the same and to determine the terms and the conditions of any such use.

The right to a business secret shall survive as long as the conditions above are satisfied. As regards any violation or impairment of the right to business secret, the entrepreneur shall be entitled to the same legal protection to which it is entitled in case of unfair competition.

Individuals and legal entities involved in economic competition, even if they are not entrepreneurs shall be entitled both to engage freely in competition with the purpose of achieving economic benefits, and to associate with the purpose above. Notwithstanding the above, they shall be obliged to comply with the legally binding rules of economic competition, and shall not be allowed to abuse their involvement in the economic competition.

Slovak business secret

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