If you have plans to launch your business activities in such a challenging field as a truck transportation, there is an answer also for this business goal, which will provide you a good, professional consulting agency. We will assist you in this procedure, which requires a number of specific obligations.  As a Slovak legal entity (which you´ll become after correct, complete constitution and registration of your company in Slovak Republic), you will have to apply the particular license for the field of national and international transport.

The first important step in the transport business is to decide, if you will work with vehicles up to 3,5 t., or if you intend to run a company of national/international transport with vehicles of weight above 3,5 t. In such a case it will be not sufficient to submit your application at a Trade license office, as it is common, but you will have to apply to a department of road transport of the Regional office, according to your legal seat. Such an application requires many necessary attachments.

First of all you will need a current estrait of the Commercial register, an estrait of the Criminal record of the executive of the company, but also of the person responsible for transport. Such a person needs to have a legal employment contract, a residence in Slovak republic and also an attestation in the field of transport.  You might be required to demonstrate your financial backing which allows you to convert your business strategy in a successful transportation enterprise

There will be necessary to present also the lease contract which confirms that you have provided an adequate parking place for your vehicles. It is essential also to present the certificate on evidence of the motor vehicles, motor vehicle registration plate, a specific contract of insurance, referring to this field of business. When your license for national or international transport is issued, then do not forget to modify your object of business at Commercial register.

In case of the business activity with vehicles up to 3, 5 t., the whole process of constitution and registration of your company is much easier, you will not need any particular licensee for this kind of business, referring to transportation activities. In both cases however – small and also big vehicles – there is essential to become familiar with all the important conventions, international and also domestic, which regulate the road transport of goods in Slovakia. One of the most important is the TIR Convention, promulgated also in Slovak Republic. Other transportation regulations applicable to Slovakia are governed by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) from Geneva.

So, if you have decided to enter a specific business of  a road transportation, in spite of rather complicated process of obtaining all the licenses, registrations and accomplishing all the conditions, there is one considerable advantage, which involves the opening of transport company in Slovakia: The fact, that you will operate from a very good and strategic location in Europe, with a wide variety of options in terms of transportation means. We will become gladly your professional consulting partner in achieving your aim to settle a successful transportation company in the heart of Europe. 

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