What is internationalization? What about Slovak internationals? Making business in a country different from your home country probably makes you more open to new people, new nations, meet new culture and probably makes you international.

When you come to a new country like Slovakia you look for a new address (either you buy the real estate or you rent the real estate), you change your address in your ID as well as on your driving license. Then, you try the new type of food, new traditions, hobbies, food and drinks and maybe you well understand also the new mentality of the locals or you will keep wondering.

If you make your business in Slovakia and you look for the above given services, we are here to help you and provide you all assistance and we will provide you all the required services for Slovak international.

We will accompany you to the offices and explain you all the process.

Feel free to contact us if you need:

  • virtual office,
  • residence in Slovakia,
  • to apply for modification in Slovak ID,
  • to apply for Slovak driver´s license,
  • open a Slovak company,
  • any other services in Slovakia related your business, work, or studying in Slovakia.

We will help you to make you Slovak international. First of all,  you will need two photographs 3×3,5 cm. If you apply in a fast procedure, your ID as well as driving license can be ready in 3-3 days. We do assist Slovak internationals or we will help you to become one them.

Feel free to send us a message.

Services for internationals in Slovakia

We are glad to provide you our services.

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