The Act No. 404/2011 Coll. on Residence of Foreigners and Amendment and Supplementation of Certain Acts regulates the residence of foreign nationals in the Slovak Republic as well as a procedure how to apply for a residence permit in Slovakia if you decide to make business in Slovakia when you are a third country national ( outside EU),

– or it specifies the procedure if you want to move or to transfer to Slovakia when you are a EU national., and it informs you about time in which you shall get the answer from the Slovak authorities.

According to the Act on Residence of Foreigners, everyone who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic (SR) is considered to be a foreign national. However, the residence of Union nationals, who are considered to be foreigners as well, is regulated by special provisions. A third country national is anyone who is neither a citizen of the Slovak Republic nor of the Union, as well as a person without citizenship.


A foreign national in Slovakia may apply for one of the following types of residence:

  • temporary residence;
  • permanent residence;
  • tolerated residence.

A temporary residence can be granted for one of the purposes listed in the Act on Residence of Foreigners (e.g. employment, study, family reunion). You may apply for permanent residence for the purpose of family reunion or in case you have had several years of continuous legal residence in Slovakia. Tolerated residence is a special type of residence, which can be granted to a foreign national exceptionally for a short time period in order to overcome a specific situation.


If you have any questions regarding residence permit in Slovakia do not hesitate to contact us. A lot depends on quality of your documents, correct attachments officially translated to Slovak language, about your object of business – how positive will your business seem to Slovak authorities, a lot depends on your business plan, too.


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Residence permit in Slovakia

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