Slovakia is not only about Bratislava, the world developers discover also Košice the biggest  city in the eastern part of Slovakia.  Košice offers good potentials for business and work. Young people speak more languages and are willing to work. Košice is located in the right place , as it has its industrial parks, but on the other hand it is close to our national parks such as High Tatras, Low Tatras, and other beauties.  It is close to Poland, Hungary and Ucraine. Košice has its effective airport, too.

More and more projects are being built in Košice. However Bratislava is always the first for investors, but Košice offers great potentials. Košice gives you a better possibility by every day.

Are you looking for a good investment? Invest in a project in Bratislava or Košice and you will not regret. Or are you interested to buy  a cottage, castle or spa? Yes,  it is possible.

Send us your questions? We can find you the poper real estates, or based upon your requests we can manage all the visits exactly for your day when you come to Slovakia.

We are ready to help you to make a successful business in Slovakia. We know the market. We can help you with reconstruction of old real estates, as well as we can give you asssistance with design of your future appartment or house.

All is  up to you. We can prepare a detailed research of the market for you. You can buy your real estate in the mountains, in the city, or in a calm village.

As the investors are always coming to Slovakia, buying a real estate in Slovakia is a good investment, as its price and value is always getting higher.



Real estates in Slovakia ( real estate market in Bratislava, Košice, etc.)

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