Investment Paradise

  • Main reasons for Slovakia’s success in attracting foreign investment are investor-friendly business environment; strategic location in the heart of Europe, giving access to European, as well as Ukrainian, Russian and eastern markets; political stability; a well educated, highly skilled and multilingual labour force and low labour costs.
  • Main foreign investors are Germany, Austria, Netherlands, US, UK, Czech Republic, Italy; particularly in the manufacturing (automotive) and electronics, financial services, communication, precision engineering, and utilities.
  • Investor confidence is extremely high. Over 83% of the current foreign investors in Slovakia have further expansion plans in the country.
  • Many other companies are ready to follow suit, expanding or transferring their Central European operations to Slovakia.

Economic Success

Many observers consider the Slovak Republic to be the most attractive investment destination in the region. It is the fastest growing and most dynamic economy in Central Europe.The recent radical and aggressive reform process covering areas of tax, the labour market, healthcare, the pension system, and public spending has been highly praised by international institutions and investors. Of particular importance is the new flat tax rate of 19% for both individuals and corporations.

Can a foreign citizen buy real estates in Slovakia?

All foreign nationals can acquire real estate or land in Slovakia directly, without having to set up a company and have a local legal signatory.

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Real estate investment in Slovakia

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