In this article a foreigner means a national – of a third country outside the European Union. ( herein after only „foreigner“.) We would like to briefly summarize the obligations of a foreigner regarding the residence permit in Slovakia and obligations of a foreigner in relation to the state authority.

Residence permit entitles the foreigner to stay in the territory of Slovakia as well as for journeys abroad and back during the period when the residence permit is valid. The foreigner is not entitled to  enter Slovakia before the permit is given or it is approved.

When depositing the application for residence permit, the foreigner is obliged to present also his passport or identity card. Regularly the foreigner deposits the application for residence permit at the embassy of Slovakia in his country of residence.

The foreigner is obliged to:                               

– register his presence in Slovakia without any delay at the Police of Foreigners´,

– register any change at the Police of Foreigners´ without any delay ( change of address, any

change of data),          

– communicate in written or in person information that regards his absence in Slovakia for more than 180 days,

– always prove the right for residence in Slovakia based upon the request from the police officer,

– in case of control to provide information/documents proving his valid insurance regarding the residence permit of foreigner in Slovakia,

– in case of control by Police of Foreigners´ to prove the financial guarantee required by law,  

– inform the Police of Foreigners´ without any delay any change of name, surname, address,    

– communicate without any delay the loss or damage of documents issued by the Police of Foreigners´,

– leave the territory of Slovakia when the reason for permit expired,


The permit is terminated when:

–  the foreigner does not enter the territory of Slovakia within 180 days from the day when the permit was given,

– the validity of the permit expired,

– the foreigner is expelled  from Slovakia,

– the foreigner was given a sanction of administrative expulsion,

– the foreigner has gained the Slovak citizenship,

– the permit given only for one purpose expired ( such as purpose of business, study, work)


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Obligations of foreigner regarding permit in Slovakia

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