Who is a liquidator?

Liquidator is a person appointed by the shareholders of the company or can be appointed also by the Court. After his nomination he takes over the responsibility of the statutory body.

Liquidator of the limited liability company in Slovakia is obliged to provide all steps leading to liquidate and later cancellation of the company of the business register.


What shall the liquidator do?

The most important steps are to:

1) fulfill the liabilities of the company,

2) provide all steps leading to liquidate the company

3) represent the company against court and state bodies,

4) announce the liquidation process to all known creditors by publishing the announcement to the Commercial magazine at least for the period of three months,

5) provide archiving of all the documentation of the company,

6) enclose the bookkeeping, prepare the liquidation balance sheet up to the date of termination of the liquidation,

7) submit the liquidation balance sheet for approval of shareholders or the relevant body of the company,

8) process the final report on liquidation of the company and submit it for approval of shareholders,

9) process the draft on division of the liquidation finance and submit it for approval of shareholders,

10) invite the shareholders of the company to discuss and approve the balance sheet, final report on liquidation, and division of the liquidation finance,

11) deposit the liquidation finance if the proposal of the liquidator is not approved by the shareholders,

12) submit the petition for company cancellation of the Business register, receive the approvals of state bodies for cancellation of the company.

The liquidation process shall last at least 3-4 months.

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