If a Slovak legal entity wants to make business in national or international transport in Slovakia with vehicles of weight above 3,5 t, it is necessary to apply the license for national and international transport. You shall apply at the Office according to the legal seat of the company.

It is not possible to make business in the field of national or international transport on the basis of trade license and you cannot submit your application at Trade license office but you shall submit the application including all attachments at the Regional office, department of road transport.

How to proceed with the application for national and international transport in Slovakia? What do I need to do?

The application for road and international transport is available at the website of the Regional Office.

These are the documents that you shall attach to your application for national and international transport:

  • current estrait of the Commercial register of a Slovak company
  • estrait of the Criminal record of the executive of the company
  • estrait of the Criminal record of the responsible for transport
  • in case the responsible of the transport is not an executive of the company, then the employment contract is needed
  • document proving the financial responsibility to cover the national and international transport license in Slovakia
  • lease contract for the vehicles providing information where they will be parked if the applicant does not own the area
  • current estrait of the Commercial register
  • certificate on evidence of the motor vehicle ( if the vehicles are owned by the applicant) or a lease contract

When your license for national or international transport is issued, then do not forget to modify your object of business at Commercial register. Don´t hesitate to contact us or to order our services.

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