Slovakia is a landlocked republic in Central Europe with a population of more than five million.  A member of the European Union, it borders the Czech Republic and Austria in the west, Poland in the north, Ukraine in the east and Hungary in the south. Its capital, Bratislava is its largest city.

What could be interesting for you to make business in Slovakia? Have you thought of making business in medical tourism in Slovakia? Here we bring you some info about medical tourism in Slovakia.

What is medical tourism? Medical tourism refers to travelling to another country for medical care.  Many people who travel for care do so because treatment is much cheaper in another country.  The most common procedures that people undergo on medical tourism trips include cosmetic surgery, and dentistry.

Slovakia  offers good quality and low price medical and dental treatment. An increasing number of local doctors, dentists, and hospitals see the potential for medical tourism.  But most Slovak hospitals do  not really promote themselves to foreigners.

Slovakia offers favourable prices and it makes the medical visits affordable for wide range of people. Except of lower costs of medical treatment, the another advantage is also a  multilingual staff. Slovakia offers also a wide range of spa towns to recover. Every spa is specialized for different diseases. If you are interested we can provide you more info via email about spas.

Dental treatment in Slovakia costs less than in western Europe.  Most dentists use high quality materials and equipment. Slovakia is a good destination also for dental tourism.

Maybe medical tourism in Slovakia can be one of your interesting activities when you decide to make business in Slovakia. Or do you want to open your own clinic in Slovakia?  Ready? Contact us fo further help.

Medical tourism in Slovakia

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