Are you still looking for info about Slovakia, thinking about making business but not realizing anything? Stop!  Don´t wait too long! We are here to advise you and to cover your coprorate needs.

Many people ask in what field to make business in Slovakia. There is not  a single respond that would work as a clue for all the questions. The very frequent objects of business is a purchase and sale, market research, PC services, administrative services, etc.

But if you have  original ideas that would work in Slovakia, you wait and hesitate. Send us you questions and we will respond to you.

The very important fields of busines in Slovakia is a car production and the related services, and also agriculture, as well as IT services.  In Slovakia you can find good bakeries, few chocolate factories, sweet factories, etc. If you are interested we can organise a factory tour only for your ( car factory, or chocolate factory or a Slovak brewery).

In case you have a company that intermediates education program for your clients we can help you to intermediate education for your clients at Slovak Universities or at other educational bodies.

Maybe living a short period in Slovakia can help you to find out what could work in Slovakia.  In real, some specialised help in social field is missing, some elderly care, or some support in tourism such as hotel chains, or camping chains, art and crafts. If you have any specific ides for business in Slovakia, do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you with all the corporate matters.

Just to give you an idea, currently the minimum wage in Slovakia is 405 Eur. In real it is not easy to make this amount to last for a month, so you will not find good workers who are willing to work for 405 Eur. Slovak people are responsible at work and like to work. Many companies try the cheap conditions in countries such as Romania but after a while they find out that the low cost is not the best deal for them! A work deserves attention it is the same with people- workers!

If you are ready to make a deal in Slovakia, so don´t hesitate to contact us ! J

Make a DEAL in Slovakia!

We are glad to provide you our services.

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