Have you thought of business in Slovakia? It recquires some investment. Below you can find some info why it could be worth to invest in Slovakia.

Slovakia offers great advantages to foreign investors and these are one of the reasons to invest in Slovakia : strategic location between East and West with great export potential.  The best investment opportunities are observed in sectors of Technology centers, High tech sectors. Opportunities can be found also in automotive industry, metal processing, electronics, pharmacy, etc.

Do you work as a doctor abroad? Invest and get visa in Slovakia, earn and pay the advantageous taxes here in Slovakia. Read our article regarding the taxes in Slovakia.

The attraction of Slovak investment environment is proved by raising number of foreign investors and volume of foreign direct investment in the country.

Slovak labour force is standardly perceived by foreign investors as educated, motivated, adaptable to culturally different management styles with miltilingual competences and positive attitude  to work habits.

Some recomendation why to invest in Slovakia:

– simple tax system,

– liberal labour code,

– transparent commercial code.

Slovakia is a member of EU, OECD, NATO, WTO, UNESCO, United nations. Slovak legislation is being harmonised with EU legislation.  Slovak business companies, partnerships must be registered in the Commercial register. All  business entities can be checked at www.orsr.sk. The same applies to foreign persons engaged in regular business activities in Slovakia.

Due to all matters as we have mentioned in case you invest in Slovakia this can help you to get visa in Slovakia.

If the above given convinced you and you have made a decision in favour of Slovakia, so invest in Slovakia and contact us for further details regarding your future investment for company formation, business permit,  business consulting in Slovakia, and get your visa in Slovakia, send us an email  at info@realdealplus.com

We can explain to you in further details what industry or field in Slovakia is profitable to make it profitable to you as well. Currently the services in Slovakia are always looking for investment such as eco – friendly products, real estates, services in health department, metal processing, bio shops, and bio products, services in tourism, hospitality, design, or any service or product in automotive industry. Invest in Slovakia and get visa in Slovakia!

Invest in Slovakia and get visa in Slovakia

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