What documents are needed to set up a company in Slovakia? What information?

If you decide to open a company with us in Slovakia, you shall provide:

– business name of a company that you/ your client is interested to set up in Slovakia,

 – legal seat or we can assist you with it

You should know if your client needs legal seat only per postal service or regular Office?

– Then, we need to know the object of business of your company.

You can have more objects of business in Slovakia.

Then we need information on:

– shareholder (there can be more than 1)

(name, surname, date and place of birth, citizenship, residency- address, copy of  ID or estrait of the Commercial register in case of legal entity)

– information who will be the executive

(name, surname, citizenship, residency- address, copy of ID, criminal record with apostile)

– value of share

min 750EUR/ shareholder

– The minimum  basic capital required by law in Slovakia  is

5.000 EUR.

Don´t hesitate to contact us for further information. Set up your business in Slovakia!


We are glad to provide you our services.

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