To open a company in Slovak republic for a foreigner can become very complicated and stresfull issue. If you don´t know whom to turn to, how to move along, all the process can be similar to a hurdle-race. And still, it doesn´t have to be like that! Opening a company is actually an easily accesible goal, in case if you commit yourself into the hands of professionals. We, after the long years of rich experiences, know very well all the course of opening and thus offer you a complete package of services which will lead you to succesfull kickoff of a company, without needless difficulties, misunderstandings, problems, or waste of precious time and energy.

A credibile agency occupying with arrangement of these services will prepare for you all the necessary documents, assures contacting with all the relating authorities and offices, organizes constitution of a limited liability company, but also other forms of business, arranges inscription of trade license, business entry, as well as another registration necessary. We will also counsel the most adequate subject of the activity for your trade license, ensure the accurate contracts, identification by tax administrator, provide refund of legal charges and all the others helpful consultations.

The most popular modus for the foreign enterpreneurs in Slovakia – to establish a limited liability company can be considered the way most complicated, seemingly. An agency based on a professional principles will guide you through all the process of opening of the company safely, without annoying problems and difficulties. If you wish to launch a business in Slovakia, there is also possibility of purchasing of a society already existing (founded exclusively for a purpose of vendition).

Actually, in the beginnig of all the process of opening of a company you won´t need that much. Except of the good agency that will guide you, you will need two essential documents, required for opening, or purchasing an company: ID card for a future proprietor and administrator of a company, and criminal records certificate of your country – just for a future administrator of a company (not necessary to translate in slovak).

Our great benefit, providing for you, is the service of ´seat of a company´. In case if you don´t need your own offices and spaces, because you have home-office or visit your client in their offices, you can have your official seat by us. In that way you will save a considerable amount for rent of spaces. The foreign enterpreneurs see also the other benefits in ´doing business in Slovakia´: lower income taxes, more simple enterprise activities – an effective electronical comunication with authorities and also minimum of audits of companies.

So, if you have thought about opening a company in Slovakia, but at the same time it seems to you a dream too challenging, maybe now it is the right time to make it reality! It can be a dream very easily accesible with a credibile agency – your partner here in Slovakia, which will provide all the process of opening of the company for you in a professional, quick and discrete way.

How to establish a company in Slovakia

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