We would like to briefly remind you your obligations at the beginning of the year.  So, if you make business and use your car for making business in Slovakia, please read the following.

The elementary thing is to have a skilful accountant in Slovakia that will assist you.

Do you own a motor vehicle that you use for business in Slovakia? If yes, then you shall submit your motor vehicle tax declaration within the end of January. This shall be done electronically.

Do you own a real estate in Slovakia? If yes, then, you shall make your real estate tax declaration within January and submit it electronically. On this basis you will receive the payment order to pay the real estate tax from the relevant offices.

Any other obligations? Do not forget, that by the end of March you shall submit your tax declaration regarding your income from the previous calendar year. All the entities shall submit all the documentation electronically.

If you have any questions about making business in Slovakia, feel free to send us an email.

Duties of your company at the beginning of the year

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