A digital company has optimized all its processes by using digital technologies, which apply these technologies in the different areas of administration, management, operations, marketing, sales, purchasing, communications, customer service, and so on.

The right approach of a digital enterprise is to find and implement only those digital technologies that solve the needs of the organization. Digital transformation is the path that leads a business to become a digital enterprise. And digitization is known to offer enormous potential to gain competitiveness in an increasingly technological world.

Digital companies are the future because today consumers are looking for products and services quickly, quality, and accessible anywhere from the world. The digitization of companies multiplies their visibility and sales channels, thereby increasing productivity. Besides, digital processes drive the culture of innovation in the company, help foster collaborative work, and internal communication. And also improve the customer experience and its relationship with the brand.

A digital company optimizing its resources through using advanced technologies allows the reduction of its costs. Today, many companies use blockchain, big data, cloud computing, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, or robotics technologies in the development of their activities.

In terms of 100% online business, they have grown a lot in recent years because you don’t need a physical place to work, and the reach is global because a website can reach anywhere in the world on a device with internet access. With recent pandemic events, consumers have increased using digital companies to carry out any operation. Nowadays, you can do anything from home: buy online, financial advice, invest, open a company, etc.

Our company, Real Deal+ offers complete and specialized advice for foreign investors wishing to open a new company in Slovak territory in terms of taxation, accounting, administrative management, local search, translation, etc. We offer online or face-to-face services.

If you are looking to invest in Slovakia, we encourage you to contact us for advice and the benefits of opening a company in Slovakia.

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