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The sheer number of companies potentially leaving the UK after Brexit tops the list of business concerns over a no-deal scenario with the EU.

A swath of Japanese firms, which together employ about 150,000 in Britain, have warned they will relocate their headquarters, or are already in the process of doing so, as a result of the country’s failure to secure an arrangement with the bloc thus far.

Beside other EU countries, also the Netherlands appears to be the preferred location for a new home for many of these firms, with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency apparently in talks with more than 250 businesses on the matter – while Frankfurt could be the new destination for banks.

In case you have concerns about your UK company for the future, you can transfer your business to Slovakia.

If information about Slovakia is not sufficient on our website, feel free to send us your questions.

If you decide to make business in Slovakia as many businessmen had done before, there are more ways how to make business.

  1. You can open a trade license
  2. Open a Slovak limited company
  3. Buy a ready-made company already registered
  4. Open your organizational branch

Last but not least, your future Slovak residence will be required ( residence of the executive of the company).

Documents you need to provide before opening a company in Slovakia are :

  1. Criminal record of the executive
  2. info regarding shareholder and executive of company including documents on residence.

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Deal or No Deal in the UK

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