Coronavirus brings many opportunities for change, especially in the field of green energy, climate change, return to humanity, limit to consumer life, consumption, or self-knowledge.


The first government restrictions, which took place in March 2020, brought to the Internet and social media posts and images of empty places or places with wild animals displayed on wanderings through the streets, as if nature were regaining the world from humanity. Following the closing of many plants, the cessation of road and air traffic, along with shutdowns in industrial complexes in China and steel production in the US, global CO2 emissions have immediately declined.

These changes do not mean that large cities will be abandoned, but that there has been a desired shift in priorities. There will always be millions of people who want to live in cities and millions of people who prefer living in the countryside. The choice of life in the city or in the countryside is greatly influenced by life changes, such as the birth of children. When parents do not have to go to the office every day, they try to look for housing further away from the city, thus supporting small towns suffering from insufficient investment and depopulation, which may contribute to healthier access to the places where we live and work in the future.


Many people gradually got used to the home office. While before the crisis, only one in twenty people worked completely remotely, in the future more and more people will combine work from home and office work. Working from home emphasized the importance of adequate living space and work-life balance. Working from home also taught us to appreciate social contact and business meetings.


You could only see the great progress in the life of your grandchildren on the phone screen. You’ve been around without human contact for months. Staying in one’s own family was a manifestation of how adaptable we are as people. The pandemic highlighted the extent to which digital interaction could not replace real things. Although many applications such as WhatsApp have become a constant resource of our company, they are far from being able to bring an amazing feeling of embracing or face-to-face conversation with friends or loved ones.

However, people suffering from anxiety and depression, abused women, children who experience abuse or neglect by their parents have experienced the worst period during isolation, and this loneliness during isolation will have impacts on their relationships that will not disappear even with the invention of the vaccine.


The pandemic related with Covid-19 has shown that we have had and still have politicians with a vision and effective solutions. It is not just a matter of freezing payments in the public sector or deferring the payment of taxes. Events such as not only pandemics, but also, for example, the terrorist attacks of 11 September and the bankruptcy of banks during 2008-2009 have shown how politics has transformed in individual countries.


Several theaters, galleries, cinemas, live music groups, music and folklore festivals will not survive this wave of interruptions. If that happens, it will be with reduced resources. Government measures related to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic have focused on eliminating social contacts. The sudden drop in revenues has jeopardized the financial sustainability of cultural operators and results in wage cuts and redundancies, which also affects the value chain of their suppliers not only in the creative but also in the non-creative sectors. Some cultural sectors have benefited in part from the increased demand for streaming cultural content during government restrictions, but the benefits of this increased demand have been mainly visible in the largest companies operating in the cultural sector.


Low-income businesses and the leisure activities that people use have stood in the middle of a pandemic, and many will not be able to recover even with state support. In particular, online changes in retail are expected, i.e. there will be fewer cashiers and more delivery drivers. Although hotels and restaurants have changed the way they provide their services and adapted their menus for outdoor consumption so that they can continue to do business safely, they still cannot provide a basic range of accommodation because people during travelling and relaxing in a hotel need to feel comfortably. Smaller accommodation facilities were still able to compensate for a certain amount of lost profits, but large hotel resorts, which focus on conferences, banquets and social events, cannot survive. Hotels are expected to recover from crisis longer than businesses in other segments.

If you want to start your own business, you can attend online meetings and work online. Despite barriers to business, it is possible to be progressing online, but we believe that once personal meeting will become reality. You just need to find the benefits of an online business.

Every change is the result of suffering, survival of loss or material or mental helplessness. Many ideologies argue that after the end of the pandemic, this society may return to even greater consumption, and this will lead to the death of capitalism, globalism and a return to socialism. But people need real visions, changes and reforms in particular. We must focus our visions on informatization, reduction of corruption, modernization of education and healthcare. Only in this way can we move our lives for the better.

Covid change in life. We have to learn how to live with crisis.

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