Real Deal+ provides company formation Slovakia. Our assistance in company formation includes:

  • drafting the Articles of Association,
  • drafting all other documents recquired for company incorporation,
  • translations,
  • setting up bank accounts,
  • accounting services,
  • arranging all services needed for your company formation in Slovakia.

Based upon the Slovak commercial code – the most favourite forms are:

– joint stock company,

– limited liability company,


The less used ones are:

– general partnership,

– limited partnership,


Before company formation in Slovakia, here we drop you some info about companies in Slovakia:

Joint stock company ( akciová spoločnosť – a.s.)

  •  its capital is composed of shares that have a certain nominal value, the company may be established by many or only one sole founder,
  • the company can exist as  a private or public joint stock company.


The bodies of the company are:

– The general meeting – the supreme body of the company,

– The Board of Directors– is the statutory body. It manages the company.,

– The Supervisory Board – supervises the activity ofthe Board of Directors.


Limited liability company ( spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným – s.r.o.)

  • the company may be established by a sloe partner or by many persons ( max 50).  A company with  a sole trader can´t be  the sole founder  or sole shareholder of another company;
  • a company must have a minimum registered capital of 5.000 EUR, each founder must invets at least 750 EUR;

– the bodies of  a company are:

a) the general meeting– the supreme body of the company,

b) supervisory board – is established, if it is dedicated in the memorandum of association.


General partnership ( verejná obchodná spoločnosť – v.o.s.)

  • the company doesn´t create a registered capital,
  • partners are liable for failure of its debts with their entire mutually jointly and severally,


Limited partnership ( komanditná spoločnosť – k.s.)

  • in this company one or more partners ( limited partners) guarantee the company´s liabilities up to the amount of their unpaid contributions registered in the Commercial register and one or more partners ( general partners) guarantee the company´s liabilities with their entire property.

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