Before depositing your application for business permit in Slovakia you shall think about your business plan that shall be well prepared. Do you already know what shall be your main business activity? Business plan is a very important attachment of the application for business permit in Slovakia.


Why do you need a business plan?  When depositing your application for business permit in Slovakia you shall be sure about your plans with the company, financial investment – costs and estimated income, whether you will need employees or not, or whether you will need to find business partners  directly in Slovakia.


Application for business permit in Slovakia shall contain:


– some introduction, basic data of the company,

– specification of the aim / goal of the business plan, basic information about the product or services that shall be provided,

– description of the company, and its strategy,

– description of the services,

– description of the market,

– marketing plan,

– production plan,

– organization chart of the company,

– financial plan.

All of the above mentioned- shall be prepared in a smart look. When depositing the application for business permit in Slovakia, be sure to be able to respond the questions given by  the state authority- regarding Slovak  market, your business activity, employees.  The state body takes into consideration the positives of your business plan, and aimed business activity and its influence to the economy of Slovakia. Then based upon this, the state body makes decsion about your business permit  in Slovakia.


Here we can suggest you some activities that can be interesting to make business in Slovakia:

– business with crafts, any supplier services that can be provided to investors in Slovakia (mainly for car producers),

– interrior design, reconstruction of real estates,

– amusement parks, activities in tourism,production of eco-friendly products,

– activities in health sector and estetics, products and services in automotive sector,

– creative agency services,

– health ambulance. and services in health. tourism and restaurants.


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Business permit in Slovakia and business plan

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