a) Taxation of physical person

Which income will be taxed in Slovakia?

  • Resident in Slovakia?(living there for min. 183 consecutive days  over 12 months) You must pay tax on your worldwide income there.
  • Not resident in Slovakia?You only pay tax on income earned there.
  • Income from other EU countries?Check you never pay tax twice on the same income.

How much will you pay?

Income tax rates for 2016

Two rates apply:

  • 19% on income up to 35 022,31 EUR
  • 25% on income above 35 022,31 EUR

In calculating your taxable income, take account of any allowances or deductions for expenditure you are entitled to.

How and when do you pay?

You must:

  • make monthly or quarterly advance payments (the amount of each should be the same as that paid in corresponding period in the previous year).
  • file a tax return by March 31st every year.

How to appeal/complain

If you disagree with your tax assessment, you can appeal to the tax office.


 b) Taxation of legal entity

The tax declaration is being deposited by 31. March for the previous year of income. The taxation of legal entities is 22% of the income (1x a year) ( from January 1, 2017 21%), and the VAT is 20% of income and can be a payer monthly or quarterly.

After one year of existence of the company there is given by law a minimum of tax to be paid of your income of the previous year / per legal entity/ that is 480 Eur/ per year , and 960 Eur for VAT payers / per year, but it can vary, and all is influenced by your annual income. Every case is special.

VAT: The basic rate for VAT is 20% for all the goods except those where 10% is applied on products such as books, medicine, and selected category of food.

Tax license: If the tax payer is not a VAT payer and his turnover does not exceed 500.000 EUR, he shall pay the tax license in the amount of 480 €.

If the tax payer is a VAT payer and his turnover exceeds 500.000 EUR then he shall pay the tax license in the amount of 960 €.

If the turnover of the tax payer exceeds 500.000 EUR the tax license is 2.880 €.

For further info about taxes please send your questions.

Taxation in Slovakia

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