The world is still not enough familiar with the fact, that we produce wines of excellent quality, able to conquer the most prestigious international wine fairs and competitions, including those in France, Spain or Austria.  From the table wines of very poor quality in the era of communism we rose today to a „little Great Power of wine“which every year brings home armful of gold medals, approving the highest international level of Slovak viniculture. A miracle? A coincidence? Not at all! Vine in this region was cultivated by Celts (first evidences come from village Smolenice and date from 700 BC) and after them also by Romans, on the demand of Marcus Aurelius. This long, rich and successful tradition was ceased only by communism in second half of 20th century, but very soon after unlocking of the political grip, our wine growers came back naturally to crafts of their fathers and grandparents…

In fact, the climate in the southern part of Slovakia is literally perfect for a viniculture (partly similar to that one in Austria), so there´s no reason to not make wine here! Slovak wines in its new era very soon have filled the positions, which used to occupy in the past. To present to the world in a very authentic way the treasures from our vineyards, several wine routes throughout all the country were established as an essential part of Slovak ´wine tourism´. These routes are great occasion how to learn about our various regions, nature, villages involved in viniculture and taste exquisite local wines in little cozy cellars, where you´ll be welcomed directly by the owner.

Today the seasonal production of grape in Slovakia is 50 thousand tons in six various wine regions. Probably the most ample history refers to The Little Carpathians wine region. A mountainous area in south-western Slovakia near Bratislava offers various white varieties as Rizling Vlašský, Rizling Rýnsky, Veltlínske Zelené, Burgundské Biele or red Svätovavrinecké, but mostly renowned Frankovka modrá – a beverage beloved also by monarch Maria Theresa, offered often at special occasions, for example international visits of president Bush or Putin. Famous wine company Chateau Palugyay, which today is a part of Bratislava winery Villa Vino Rača, in the past brought fame to this region by its wines, served even on the board of Titanic! Vineyards in neighborhood of Bratislava are known also for its great sparkling wines. In fact, today prestigious brand Hubert was in the 1825 first company which started with production of sparkling wine apart from the territory of France. The region is home also of newly developed Slovak varieties – white Devín – aromatic and expressive, and red, strong and noble Dunaj, both cultivated by a woman!

 The wine region of Nitra, for just about one hour way from Bratislava, offers very   diversified climate conditions that give a wealth of various grapes: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon or Müller-Thurgau. From local Veltlínske zelené and Rízling Vlašský result famous and favored ice wines. The wine region of southern Slovakia on the northern bank of the river Danube with its delicious red wines is also the home of our genuine gem – wine from the Chateau Béla – the first Slovak wine enlisted in super-prestigious international guide Wine Spectator. You´ll find here not only superb wines and cellar, but also romantic hotel, surrounded by vineyards, where to spend an exceptional holiday.

The wines from region of Central Slovakia are typical for its expressive taste, with the higher content of acids. White wines represent 80 percent of overall production of the region, predominantly with volcanic terrain. Many of the local cellars have origins in 16th century, int the past they used to be shelters from Turkish attacks. To discover these small charming villages near borders with Hungary can become your unforgettable holiday!

Small, but very interesting is the Wine region of Eastern Slovakia, where you can find the highest situated vineyards in the altitude of 190 meters above the sea. Most famous are probably wines from village Tibava – typical for its sweetness and delicious aroma. Maybe this is not the most visited region, but that makes it even more attractive. To find oneself alone in the middle of the vineyards is a kind of very romantic and authentic experience.

At last, we have arrived to famed region of Tokaj in the very southeast of Slovakia – probably the best known wine-region of all the country. Geographically unique area is hidden in basin of the Bodrog river and we share this natural wine phenomenon with our Hungarian neighbors. Tokaj is one of the smallest wine region in the world and at the same time it is one of the only five regions, where they cultivate grape for the production of naturally sweet wines, thanks to the unique microclimate. Precious local wines Tokajský výber are special dessert wines – the result of tardy December harvest of the variety Furmint. To try one of these superb sweet wines is a lifelong gastronomic experience…

With another prize and medal achieved at international fairs and exhibitions, Slovak wine-makers are today very well aware, that our wines are the precious treasures, which deserve to be discovered by the world. If you want to taste the wines, liked also by English Queen Elisabeth, wines served on the board of Titanic but also in Michelin restaurant Medoc in Milan, take one of the beautiful Slovak wine routes and taste a piece of our charming heritage, traditions and nature…

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