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In Slovakia you have quite good conditions for making business. Following your first year of making business, according to the Slovak tax legislation you are obliged to pay the tax license in the next calendar year. The tax period until you shall deposit your tax declaration is March 31 and pay the tax too. There is also a possibility to prolong this period for tax declaration deposit and payment of taxes.

The Slovak state authorities established a special institute for legal entities to oblige them to pay the tax and it is named as „ tax license“.

If your business turnover is less than 500.000 EUR and you are not a VAT payer, you shall pay a tax license in the amount of 490 EUR.

In case your turnover is less than 500.000 and you are a VAT payer, you shall pay the tax license in the amount of 960 EUR.

BUT ……In case you decide to terminate your business through liquidation of a company you do not pay the tax license! so if you decide to liquidate the company now it is the right time . Try it with us ! The liquidation process can take few months.

On the other hand if you want to try the first year of making business in Slovakia without tax license, now it is the right time to open a company in Slovakia as it is the beginning of the year and your company can be ready in few days!

Try it with us! Liquidation of a company or openning a company in Slovakia, all possible.. order now! :-)

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