Piešťany is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia in the altitude height 162 m. This world famous spa town lies in the arms of two mountains – Little Carpathians and Považský Inovec.

The longest river of Slovakia called Váh, twists like a lovely blue ribbon along the country. The pleasant inland climate welcomes you 86 kilometers from the capital city of Bratislava.

Slovakia is rich in healing springs and also thanks to this many spas have been built in different areas of the country and also in different historical periods. The first authentic report about Piešťany as a spa dates back to 1549. Nowadays it is the most famous and largest Slovak spa. The greatest flowering of Piešťany is connected with the Winter family, who realize the construction of the most important spa houses, bridges and cultural facilities.

The basic natural healing sources of Piešťany spa are gypsum-sulfur thermal water with a temperature of 67 – 69 °C (this is applied in the form of a pool and a bath) and healing sulfur mud (this is applied in the form of partial or total wraps). A well-known bronze statue of a man breaking a crutch when leaving the spa is a symbol of treatment of rheumatism, musculoskeletal disorders, nervous diseases and posttraumatic conditions. This is what Piešťany spa focuses on. Hand in hand with the beneficial effect of mineral springs, visitors can please their eyes and soul with the extensive and well maintained parks full of colors and flowers. This town will also enchant you with its architecture, for example a colonnade bridge which connects the Spa Island with the town of Piešťany, is the longest covered bridge in Slovakia. This inherent landmark and the symbol of the town was artistically decorated by national artist Martin Benka.

Take a short walk from the colonnade bridge and you will find a spa city park where you can try a natural acupressure massage on Danubia gravel stones. The acupressure walkway with railing offers you and also to your children the opportunity to go barefoot and stimulate foot and lower leg muscles and thus free your feet and legs from the swelling and pain, for example after the whole day walking.

Swimming and summer sports like water skiing, canoeing, rowin, windsurfing or yachting are available in the water reservoir Sĺňava, around which there is a circular route, with an asphalt surface best used for cycling, skating, running or just walking.

Would you think that in Slovakia you can try skiing on the grass? It is well known that you can ski on the snow during the winter season, but not many people know that very close to Piešťany, in Banka village there is a grass skiing trained for couple of years. Juniors from 16 years of age, from Slovakia and also from other countries in Europe, meet regularly in Ski resort Ahoj („Ahoj“ means „Hi“ in Slovak) in grass skiing race. This year, on 6th June 2020 the World Cup of Adult Skiers is supposed to be held for the fisrt time in this place.

The nearest castle Tematín was built in 13th century high in the mountains of Považský Inovec. During the period of last years since 2007 it is being repaired thanks to volunteers and different donations, including Slovak ministries. During the season (1st May – 30th September) it is open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm for 1 euro per person. Out of season, it is temporarily freely accessible (but will be closed by December 2020).

If you are a person who likes summer festivals, you might be interested in early August days festival called Grape, which is held regularly every year at Piešťany airport. Grape is mainly focused on the world indie pop/rock and electronic scene.

Piešťany in general, is a place where you would wish to relax from all of the stress you might perceive at your work or in everyday life. This town has its specific slumberous mood, peacefull fountains, slow pace of visitors, promenade concerts, omnipresent greenery and much more. Romantic souls would enjoy the sunsets from the summer terraces of cafes as well.

Source: piestany.sk , pic-piestany.sk


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