As minimum wage is understood as the lowest amount that can be paid to the employee for his full time work. Approximately 4% of people in Slovakia work for minimum wage. The minimum monthly wage is given by law and in 2020 it is 580 euro. That is  3,333 euro per every hour of  work.  

The Slovak Labour Code specifies some additional fees for overtime, work at night, work at state holidays, etc.  You are entitled for additional fee for work at night if you work at night. As night work is considered time from 22:00 until 06:00. Some work is more difficult and therefore their coefficient is higher as well as the minimum wage. (minimum wage is multiplied by the coefficient of the relevant job position) The given minimum wage is understood as gross minimum wage.

The lowest possible monthly wage varies from the country. In the European Union the highest minimum wage is in Luxembourg and the lowest minimum wage is in Bulgaria. In some states the minimum wage is not given. the minimum wage in Slovakia increases every year. F.e. in 2017 the minimum wage was 435 euro, in 2018 it was 480 euro, and in 2020 it shall be 580 euro. In the below given tab you can see how the minimum monthly and hourly wage varies.

Minimum wage – year Monthly wage Hourly wage
 2020  580  €  3,333 €
2019  520 €    2,989 €
 2018    480 €    2,759 €  
 2017    435 €    2,50 €  
 2016    405 €    2,328 €  
 2015    380 €    2,184 €  
 2014    352 €    2,023 €  
 2013    338 €    1,941 €  
Minimum wage in 2020

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