In order to be authorized to receive „ certified license“issued by the District Trade license office where the legal entity has its seat, you fulfill the legal requirements. The administrative fee for the „ certified license“is 15 EUR ( 7,5 EUR in case of electronic deposit of documents)

The company ( legal entity or physical body ) is entitled to provide this activity  from the date of the issue of the given  certified license or from the date of its registration at the Court.


General requirements for certified license:

– age of 18 ,

– capability of legal acts,

– criminal record,

– certificate that proves skills, experience and knowledge of the field that is being registered.


Relevant certificate on skills and knowledge:

– high school diploma certificate + 2 years of practice in the field ( proved by declaration/ confirmation),

– university diploma + 2 years of practice in the field ( proved by declaration)

– ( in case there is not education in the field) document confirming the practice of 10 years that had not expired in the period of last 3 years.


In order to proceed the application shall be filled in properly. If the person acts on behalf of the power of attorney, then the power of attorney shall be attached.

Then, regarding the Criminal record, this document is needed from the country of residence and from the country in which the responsible person lived in the past 3 years for a period longer than 6 months.

All documents must be officially translated and cannot be older than 90 days. In case the responsible person is not a Slovak citizen or does not have a Slovak residence, then he is obliged to have a proxy for delivery address of statal documents.

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Certified trade license – requirements for responsible person

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