If you are thinking about having a company in Slovakia and your business will be international import & export of goods & trading, then you shall get your VIES number.

Why Slovakia?

Slovakia has a good location. It is located in the central Europe.

What is the tax rate in Slovakia?

In Slovakia we have the income tax rate of 15%. This low tax rate in Slovakia applies to legal entities with a turnover of up to EUR 100,000 and to sole traders with the same turnover limit. In the case of payment of income tax advances, the rate of 21% applies, as it is not known in advance whether the company resp. sole trader reaches a turnover of 100 000 Euros.

How can I own the company with European VIES number in Slovakia?

You can set up your new company in Slovakia and register the company for VIES or buy an existing company in Slovakia ( ready- made company in Slovakia) that is already registered and has the VIES number. You need to book the registered office for your company and make sure that the post of your company will be taken over.

How long does the VIES registration take?

Your company can be registered in 10-12 days from the day when the application for VIES number is delivered to the tax authority.  You need to apply at the relevant tax authority according to the legal seat of the company. All this must be done electronically.

If you have any questions or you need administrative assistance in Slovakia, do not hesitate to contact us.

A company with European VIES number in Slovakia

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