If you want to work in Slovakia and apply for work visa In Slovakia, the elementary thing is to have your future employer- real existing future employer. You shall apply for work visa at your country of residence if your future employer has announced the vacancy at the Slovak labor office. the vacancy must well described ( positions, task, required skills, language skills etc.)

Work visa in Slovakia for a third country national is a regulated process. The advantage of a third country national is that in some professions- workers are missing. Only experience and knowledge are needed in the required field, as well as will  to work.

Slovakia has a special list of professions that are missing in Slovakia. This list of professions is advertised at Slovak labor office.

The positions that are open and are on the shortage list in Slovakia are:

different medical positions ( doctors, nurses),

– IT technicians, IT architect, Analytic of information and communication technology, Network administrator,

-employees in car industry,

– bus drivers, truck drivers etc.

Your future employer in Slovakia shall prepare you the employment contract where the wage is specified, and all the essentials required by law shall be included. Your employer shall help you to provide accommodation, as well.

The possibility of obtaining work visa in Slovakia regards those who are qualified and needed for Slovakia. This does not regard other professions, general positions, etc. The applicant submits his application for work visa in Slovakia at his country of residence. The process takes at least 90 days. The state authority can prolong the period.

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