Slovakia is experiencing an ongoing economic expansion driven by continually increasing domestic demand as well as booming investment.  The unemployment rate continues to decline and labor market conditions are expected to continuously improve.


These are the few reasons why you should decide for Slovakia. Slovakia has:

–  a strategic location in Europe with great export potential,

– political & economic stability,

It is  a CEE leader in labor productivity, It has cost-effective, skilled and educated labor forcewith multilingual skills.  Slovakia has an open economy, and developed & growing infrastructure network.

Slovakia has a long tradition in mechanical engineering.  Traditional engineering products created a strong skill driven environment. Slovakia is a key player in the automotive industry.


Tax system makes you to pay the taxes when you fulfill the conditions:

– 20% VAT

– 21% Corporate income tax

– 100 % Repatriation of profits

– 0 % Inheritance & gift task


Positive note:

–  85 % of Slovak population speaks at least one foreign language

–  98 % of all high school students study at least one foreign language


Why Slovakia? Because its people are:

– adaptable, educated and cost-effective workforce,


People have multilingual skills. Slovak universities provide qualified pool of labor force.

It has a growing real estate market and a strategic time zonation. Slovakia has been a successful decision for many investors from different countries.

Why Slovakia?

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