Legal norms regulating foundation, legal status, management bodies and their competence, liquidation and reorganization of different type companies in Slovakia are contained in the Slovak Commercial Code. A legal person shall be defined as a company, institution or organization, which may acquire and exercise rights and obligations at its own name.

The most popular types of company (forms of incorporation), having status of a legal person, are permitted to operate in Slovakia:

  • A private company ( s.r.o.) – most popular,
  • Joint stock company,
  • Branch or representative office;
  • The most common way to invest in Slovakia is to establish a private company. Key information about private company:
  • One or more shareholders are required in order to found the private company. The maximum number of shareholders in a private company must not exceed 50.
  • The minimum registered capital in a private company is 5000 EUR
  • The shareholders’ undertaking is limited to the amount of the capital invested only.
  • The management bodies of the company are determined by the general shareholders meeting.

Slovak and foreign companies may establish their branches and representative offices. They shall function under the authorization/regulations of the incorporator and they have no status of a legal person. For tax purposes a foreign company may set-up a permanent establishment in Slovakia.

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