Doing Business in Slovakia …… How does it work with business licenses? How do you register your object of business? What shall be done for doing business in Slovakia?

Trade licenses in Slovakia

In Slovakia there are three types of licenses ( free / unregulated, craft license, and regulated licenses). All the licenses are available in the trade license register on the website where you can check your registration or registration of your business partner.

In case you are a sole trader who shall be registered at Commercial register or you have a legal entity then you can check and control your data or data of your business partner ( object of business, licenses, executives)  at Commercial register at All info is provided also in English to make it simplier when doing business in Slovakia.

Free / unregulated licenses

The person who is interested in doing business in Slovakia shall be at least 18 years old, has legal capability, and does not have any negative note in his Criminal record.

For free / unregulated license it is not necessary to prove any certificate on practice nor education. The most used free / unregulated licenses are:

purchase and sale of goods,

– intermediation of  services in commerce, services and production,

– administrative services,

– business consulting,

– PC data processing.

Ministry of internal affairs of Slovakia has prepared a recommended list of frequently used unregulated licenses.


There is a special list of crafts and its approved wording. In this case the enterpreneaur is obliged to prove the specialized qualification by school report, or practice certificate. Or if it is not possible to fulfill this condition, the enterpreneaur can hire a person responsible for this activity who shall be employed by enterpreneaur.

Craft according to the list of recommended wording is understooood f.e. as metalprocessing, butchery, services of cosmetician, services of hairdresser, providing jewelry.

Regulated licenses

Again these licenses are on the list approved by Ministry of internal affairs. In this case a certificate shall be proved again. All regards activities such as: logistics, services of travel agent, providing accomodation, etc.

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Doing Business in Slovakia

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